For all I know, It could still be January in my mind , even December, but with less presents and distinct lack of turkey.Everyday is still the same old, Half 6  mornings to 8 O’clock nights till I finally get to retire to my PC with a snooze or two in college or on the bus .Slowly sliding my way out of the typical conversation ‘How’s your day?, Oh your grandfather rang today and said..’ bla bla bla.

I can’t even function at that hour of the evening,  you really think I can engage in detailed conversation , NO. Feet dragging along the ground , stomach growling for food, almost crying for me bed but too early to sleep. I strive for the moment I get to throw my college bag on the bed like I’m never going to see it again.

And finally! Peace! Turning on my pc, my room lights up with colourful LEDs from my keyboard and mouse. Putting on my broken headset, I’ll save for a new one ,one day, I promise. Hoping on discord with friends ,’Feroooooo’ I’m greeted with and getting down to a session of raiding , killing the latest savage bosses in ffxiv with my team till I can’t take anymore and collapse into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Sleeping beauty but not so beautiful. I feel like the title ‘Sleeping Student’ is more appropriate.

Then it all starts again. Yea Februarys aren’t exactly special.


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