Final Fero XIV

Let me talk about my favourite MMO (Mass Multi-player Online)  so far. The best one in my opinion of a have come across so far. ‘Final Fantasy 14’ or ‘FFXIV’ for short.

Just to explain how someone who has NEVER played a Final Fantasy game in her life got addicted. Schools out and I renewed my WOW (World of Warcraft) subscription when two friends of mine who had been playing for a few months told me ‘Fero!! Forget WoW , You need to try this’. So I installed it.

To be honest with you, I opened the game , played 5 mins and uninstalled…yep. The UI (User Interface) was too confusing and I happened to land in the busiest city ,full of people everywhere and it was all too much. Oh boy look at me now over 1500 hours playtime.

My friends begged me! ‘Just play for 5 more minutes, just 5 more and if you dont like it you can uninstall again’ and those 5 minutes was apparently enough to get me hooked.

There was so much more to it then WoW or Guild wars or any others I have tried. For example. I’m just going to use WoW as comparison because it is my second most played MMO. In WoW you have 1 class like warlock, Death Knight etc with 2 crafters/gathers like for  skinning and leather working. You’re very restricted!

FFXIV, You can play literally every class and crafter/gathering. And the game doesn’t stop after level 60. In fact I feel like it really unlocks after 60. Like I play a Bard, a ranged dps class and I’m doing savage content, the hardest, most team challenging stuff in the game. Last night I decided to team up with a few friends. Kill crusise chaser and I healed it..well attempted to.We didn’t kill it but my god it was fun! An adrenalin rush.

Look, I’ll be all day talking about FFXIV. There is something for everyone to play or do in-game in my opinion and the amount of people I’ve meet over it that I’m still friends with. If you’re looking for a game, I would say give it a shot, and do one better then me , play more then 5 mins.

Square-Enix Version:

Steam Version:


2 thoughts on “Final Fero XIV

  1. I love XIV. Heavy story focus, stunning graphics, and deeper-than-most character options. The game has a lot to offer, and having the FF universe to draw from makes it super interesting.

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