Smite: Battle ground of the Owls

God I love this game (excuse the pun).Smite is an ‘Over the shoulder’ Perspective MOBA (Multiplier Online Battle Arena)

This game has over 70  playable characters at the moment, you physically playing god and with over 200 items. Like It’s huge! You can play anything from Loki, the trickster God to Fenrir, the Unbound. You know the Wolf-beast thing that was thought to bring about Ragnarok in Norse lore? Yea you can play him and chew up your enemies, literally.

I’m brag about the playable characters because I feel they make the game play like 100x better. You can’t get bored. This game is incredible!From its traditional arena game mode style against gods to ‘conquering’ where you have to battle across the fields, to destroying the enemies defences from towers, phoenix’s and a titan, ah it’s so good! You will find a few gods you like and  kick-ass with. My personal favourites are Chronos (Keeper of Time, Greek), Serqet (Goddess of Venom, Egyptian) and Nox (Goddess of the Night, Roman). What cool titles they have!

Hi-Rez , smites developers are always keeping the game up to date to with new gods , pantheons, World championships taking place right now and especially! Especially the skins.I have to give their art department a round of apologise. They create such incredible skins from bad ass ones to humorous ones like look at Bacchus (God of Wine, Roman)


 Yea, that’s a Bucchus skin called ‘Hoot ‘n Holler’ (Relevent!) You will find a god you either love the look of or someone else abilities really work for you. It’s an easy enough game to just jump into if your new with plenty of help and builds online. Go wan, give it a try.

Smite site:

Steam Version:


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