Binding of I’Zak

Sooo The Binding of Issac is a weird game. I mean really weird. Like this is what the wiki explains: it’s a little bit of story as in ‘After Isaac’s mother receives a message from God demanding the life of her son as proof of her faith, Isaac flees into the monster-filled basement of their home, where he must fight to survive.’  Yea…Yet it’s such a highly rated game and let me tell you why.

So me and my boyfriend Zak (Yes the title isn’t a typo) decided to buy it and try it. Oh boy, couples games are fun..! First of all, before I attempt to explain us “playing” the game, let me talk about the game itself. So, it’s a rogue-like dungeon crawler, like an old Legend of Zelda game but with ‘different’ items and abilities. “Dead Cat” is one of them. You pick up this item and your hearts get reduced to one heart, but for nine times. So rather then taking damage and it eating away at your life, you get hit, you die immediately and now have eight.

This was one of my biggest problems with the game though! For example, the item “Goat Head”.When you pick it up , the line appears: “He accepts your offering”. It takes a bit of googling to discover that the goat head give you a guaranteed devil or angle room (different types of item rooms) on each floor.

So when me and Zak were playing, we spent most of the time pausing the game as an item dropped to Google what it does then deciding who should take it.Yea, a lot of effort! I would say after a lot of playing , you would get used to what item does what and it would be more enjoyable! It is a really fun and challenging game once you get around the items but I’m going to stick to watching the Youtuber “Northernlion” play it properly for the moment.

Steam Version:


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