GuildOwls 2: Noob’ness

Right, after the communal ‘outrage’ in ffxiv with its recent update with Diadem events and the raiders flipping tables over their Bis (Best In Slot character gear). I said I would take a somewhat break, I’ll still be raiding on my raid days to try kill notorious Alexander the Creator but I said I would try something different! Some people went back to WoW till FFXIV’s next expansion ‘StormBlood’ but I decided to go back to Guildwars 2.

But I remembered I used a friends account all those years ago when he had taken a break from it…and he wasn’t so willing to share accounts now because he wanted to play too so I’m fresh meat (R.I.P level 57 Archer ) and learning the game all over again after being absorbed in FFXIV.

It’s such a good game to drop into and just run around , follow the exciting story line, do an event that pops up or do what I’m doing, the completion’ist route. Oh It’s so satisfying to complete a whole map, all the POT’s (Points of Interest) Vistas etc and I remember getting like that with my old character. The combat is somewhat more fun then FFXIv in ways like I play the Mesmer, a magical duellist that uses clone to destroy enemies. What’s unique about Guildwars 2 is that for example , as a Mesmer I can use great swords, staffs, sceptres and all. Very single weapon give a whole different set of abilities. The combat feels a lot more flexible with simple thing like being about to cast abilities and move .

The armor is badass too! Like you hit level 15 and your armor doesnt look like it was dragged though a mud puddle.So for the moment, like any traditional MMO, now to grind to max level!


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