My top 10 stupidly/Addictive fun games

Right, this is going to be a long one! A lot of this list is made up of one hit wonders that you play and throw away into your steam library forever. Others are the best kind of game to get your friends together to play and by the end of it you’ll either end up laughing or screaming down the mic because you’re the ‘competitive one’ in the group. I’ll link the steam store pages below for anyone interested. So without father ado, LET GET STARTED!

10.Super Meat Boy


You know the little chunk of meat that attempts to save his girlfriend bandage girl from the Evil Dr.Fetus? Yea bet you didn’t realise that was his name! A lot of people have seen this game but not so many have cleared it. Like myself, I said ‘nope’ and bandage girl is still being held captive to this day! Why? The game is a plat former where you control that little annoying chunk of meat, it requires precise jumps and timing which I frankly didn’t have the patience for and would end of just covering every inch of half the map in blood with each chainsaw I became ‘friendly’ with. This game is a real trial and error over and over again and again and I had a best friend who loved every second of it till completion that why its on the list. Unfortunately I ain’t got the skills to play it. Oh well!


9.Dive Kick


Dive and Kick, that pretty much it! Think of Mortal Combat however this is a parody of them 2D fighters with not nearly as much epicness or gore.You only have two buttons to, yes you guessed it, dive or kick as well as a special ‘Kick Factor’. What makes this game twinkle is its references to the games it parodies like MC or Street Fighter. This was fun to play with friends and head or crouch kicks were always the best but unfortunately the game now dies in my steam library.


8.BattleBlock Theater


Now this is a game that requires some sort of teamwork , especially for the co-op story mode which I mainly played. Like I really like this game but it’s quaky narrator really makes it for me. The best way I could possible explain his game is my telling you to watch the first video on its steam page. ‘Get ready to experience the game that won every award for everything ever…STEAM VERSION!!!’ In fact as I’m writing this, I’m considering re-downloading it again and giving it another try. This time I’ll go solo though..the whole team thing didn’t work out when you play with a troll of a friend who can throw you into lava.


7.Super Hexagon


Now this is a game for people challenging them self and trying to beat that top record all the time. I have this game on my phone and on steam, it works perfectly on both. So you are a little triangle and you move left or right to not get squished by the incoming lines. The music speeds up, the levels get faster as you get further and the game will also try trick you, making you react fast. The music really does it for me!!! Each time you complete a level by reaching a certain time, you unlock a new one with new music, different shapes and movements required but of course faster. Even after you do all that and somehow make it to the leader boards, you have a hard mode of all those levels to complete so plenty to keep you entertained on the train journey with your phone and your earphones plugged in. Give the link a look if you want to see what I mean about the music.


6. Speedrunners


‘You son of a !!!!’ as your friend use the craw to grab you and switch places leaving you in last place. This game is easy to play, difficult to master. It’s essentially a race, you run and try to be the person ahead of the pack because the camera follows the first person, if you are last or you mess up and fall out of the frame, you dead! and out for that round. As the level goes on, you have a sudden death timer in a way, the level closes in as you can see in the gif with red walls, it will continue to close in till one person is the winner. What makes this game fun is the pick-up abilities. You have your normal grappling hook that you can use on certain walls but you can pick up abilities that left you throw a giant ice ball to slow your enemies, a hook that lets you grab a person and swap them, bombs, you name it . The ‘competitive sprite’ really came out in my friends with this game!! But it’s a good game to just jump into a play a few quick rounds with some friends every once and a while.

5.Goat Simulator


Goat, Demon Goat, Angel Goat, Giraffe you can be all of them! So you’re a goat. You can run around , headbutt thing, lick things , jump about, sounds boring right? Well there is so many things you can do, exploring the world through a goats eyes and destroying it in the process. For everything you do, you gain points! It can be for getting onto a trampoline and jumping higher then you have before then crashing into the petrol station and blowing it and bragging a person across the skies with your tongue.Who knows! The world is your goatly oyster.With a few achievement to try get and different maps with new dangers, you have enough to keep yourself occupied.

4.Stanley Parable


As the gif would suggest, this game breaks all kinda of walls and in it, the narrator plays god based on your willingness to listen to him or not. At the moment there is a six possible endings so based on your decisions. Of course for your first run you will play the good person to listens to his every demand but soon you realise the fun in not listening. This game is so high down the list because of how creative it was a just a very different thing in the games marketplace however after you have seen all the endings or get bored and google them. The game will lay to die in your steam library.

3.Impossible Game


Most people have seen this game. It’s one of those games played by youtubers where they rage to making little mistakes. I have played a lot of this myself. The game looks so simplistic, like all you have to do is tap the screen to make your little cube jump but yea…It not as easy as it looks. Again like Super Meat Boy and Super Hexagon, it’s all in the timing. I’ve only ever completed the first level like once and 3/4 was though another but the rage may of taken over…I’ll re download it one day again and the cycle will repeat once more!

2.One finger Death Punch


This game is so much fun and just as much fun to watch. It does get pretty hectic at times. You are a stick man fighting all of those presumably stick men ninjas with two buttons, right arrow and left arrow. You use them to attack , move across the map with attacks, kill bosses and so on. As with any game, the first level starts off slow with just a few stick men but boy does it get thrilling. The game even has a progressive story map with different types of levels. There’s many different types of enemies that are a bit more complicated then your average stick man and many different abilities to unlock which make it more fun. Overall WORTH IT!

1.Duck Game


*QUACK QUACK QUACK* The spammed sound clip that is used every time someone won a game as a taunt or the ol’ throwing the gun up and down. OK let me explain why this is number 1. I have spent nights till about 3am on mic with friends over this game and my face would be killing me afterwards just from pure laughter. If you get a good set of friends to play this with, you are going to have one hell of a time. It is a 2D retro plat-former about ducks getting ridiculous guns and shooting your friends.It is fast paced and there are many different types of levels with different weapons. Each duck is customiable with unlock-able hats which makes it easier to see who everyone is. There are so many different hilarious things that can happen like using a net gun to trap and duck in a net, picking him up to throw him off a cliff but he break out , picks up the gun and in turn throw you off a cliff or you know, picks up a flame thrower and suddenly your fried duck.This is a game worth buying a four pack of for your friends.



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