My top 10 stupidly/Addictive fun games

Right, this is going to be a long one! A lot of this list is made up of one hit wonders that you play and throw away into your steam library forever. Others are the best kind of game to get your friends together to play and by the end of it you'll either end … Continue reading My top 10 stupidly/Addictive fun games


GuildOwls 2: Noob’ness

Right, after the communal 'outrage' in ffxiv with its recent update with Diadem events and the raiders flipping tables over their Bis (Best In Slot character gear). I said I would take a somewhat break, I'll still be raiding on my raid days to try kill notorious Alexander the Creator but I said I would … Continue reading GuildOwls 2: Noob’ness

Binding of I’Zak

Sooo The Binding of Issac is a weird game. I mean really weird. Like this is what the wiki explains: it's a little bit of story as in 'After Isaac's mother receives a message from God demanding the life of her son as proof of her faith, Isaac flees into the monster-filled basement of their home, … Continue reading Binding of I’Zak

Smite: Battle ground of the Owls

God I love this game (excuse the pun).Smite is an 'Over the shoulder' Perspective MOBA (Multiplier Online Battle Arena) This game has over 70  playable characters at the moment, you physically playing god and with over 200 items. Like It's huge! You can play anything from Loki, the trickster God to Fenrir, the Unbound. You … Continue reading Smite: Battle ground of the Owls